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.:Lullaby--Moon:. Alice Branwell by MelodicSoul .:Lullaby--Moon:. Alice Branwell by MelodicSoul
(I haven't been on DA in ages, and the first thing I do is post a group application... I'm busy with school and everything, so, sadly, don't expect too much from me...I'll try to make a better update soon.)
I obviously followed my sister with joning this group ^^

Haha - anyone remember this girl?? Don't worry - I'm not expecting anyone to //SHOT


Name: Alice Branwell
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: July 30 (Leo)
Height: 5'8" ft
Weight: 122 lbs
Orientation: --------
Relationship Status: Single

Job: University Student | Coffee Shop Employee
Rank: Pawn
Level: 1
Skills: At: 5 || Def: 5 || HP: 20

+ Organized: Perhaps due to being a university student, Alice is extremely organized. Everything that she owns has a home and, because of this, her room is always in order - her half of it, at least. She also rarely loses anything.

+ Punctual:
Once again, this is the result of a year in university. Understanding the importance of her education (and the fact that she is paying to take these classes) Alice is never late to class; she's either on time, or early. You can rely on her to be at a specific location at a specific time.

+ Sociable:
Alice finds it easy to talk to those around her, and she doesn't struggle to strike up a conversation with someone new. She doesn't find it difficult to force herself into public situations where she must meet and converse with new people, and she often enjoys it.

+ Creative/Imaginative:
Her parents always encouraged a great imagination, and that's one thing that Alice has held on to for all of these years. She can come up with amazing and unique ideas, whether it's for a school project or to get her and her Pheous out of a sticky situation.

0 Curious:
Alice is quite the curious individual. She loves learning about new things, and, sometimes, she finds herself in places that she shouldn't be. While her curiousity can get her in trouble, it inspires her to constantly learn.

- Doesn't trust easily:
Alice doesn't give out her trust easily; she only gives it to those who've earned it (aka those who are close to her), and even then, if they make a mistake, it will be gone in a flash. It will take that individual to once again break down that wall that she so hastily built up, if they'll be able to once they destroy her trust.

- Withdrawn:
Alice, despite being scoial, only shows one side of herself to the public. She often hides the nerdy, gaming side to herself in fear of being rejected. Joining Lullaby--Moon has started tearing down the wall that she has carefully built, but she's been this way for so long that it will take her quite a bit of time to be comfortable with herself again.

- Unforgiving:
Once an individual has hurt Alice, it takes her quite some time to forgive them - if she ever decides to. Is that harsh? Yes. But that's how she learned to handle these things, after facing quite a few heart breaks at the hands of her "friends".

- Competitive:
Whenever there's a group of people with a contest involved, Alice will always do her best to come out on top. She does her best in everything she does, and she wants to prove herself to others, wanting them to see her accomplishment. She can get a little...intense because of her drive.

❤ Alice in Wonderland
❤ New York |specifically Broadway (dancing) and fashion|
✔ Fiction Novels
✔ Horror Movies/Games
✔ Snow
✔ Video Games
✔ Music
✘ Coffee
✘ Intense Heat
✘ Societal Norms
✘ Chemisty
✘ Cats
✘ Disorder/Being Messy
💀 Isolation/Imprisonment
💀 Physical Intimacy
💀 Fire

Alice was born and raised by two loving parents in a small city in Canada. She lived a relatively average life as a child, with her parents always inspiring to do her best. They always encouraged their little girl to follow her heart and that nothing is impossible if she puts her whole self into whatever she does. And what better way to enforce these ideas than through movies and books? Although Alice loved to go outside and play with her friends, she would always prefer to be inside, listening (and later, reading) stories about far off places where impossible things came true - just like her parents promised. Alice in Wonderland quickly became a favourite of the young girl; maybe it's because of her name, but Alice always loved to picture her as the main character in that book (something that remains a guilty pleasure of hers). Their parenting cultivated a mind which prized imagination - something that, to this day, remains one of Alice's strong traits.

Like most children, Alice was enrolled in a variety of different classes to find something that interested the young girl. She would show great promise in many activities, but, only a few months later, she would drop it. It went through several classes in this matter, until she was enrolled in dance classes. Months rolled by, and both her parents were surprised when she stayed in class for a whole year. Alice didn't quit this class like all of the others - she has a passion for dance. Maybe it was the calm serenity that came over her when she danced, or the graceful movements that it requires to create a beautiful story, she wasn't quite sure. Even so, Alice was forced to quit several years later, when her teacher retired. Even after months with no lessons, her love of dance remained, and she would often practice when her parents were away.

Alice, while not terrible at school, wasn't exactly the brightest either. She spent most of her free time surronded by friends; she was a social butterfly and loved to talk with and meet new people. As they grew older, the games that they used to play slowly disappeared. Their interests shifted towards boys, clothes and make-up, whereas her passions layed with books, video games and worlds of make-believe. Worried that they wouldn't accept her, Alice began to hide the part of herself that she believed was the best of her. During high school, she would even date the guys whom she wasn't all that interested in to extend this facade. The relationships, however, never lasted long.

As high school came to an end, she found herself being shipped off to university, and a good one at that. Alice moved a little ways from home in order to attend, living in residence on the campus. Her roommate was nice enough, although it took them most of the first year to come to turns with one another. After that, she actually enjoyed the girl's company; she was an avid reader, like herself, and the two would often have long rants about novels with one another.
Although Alice's heart was telling her to a dancer, society was telling her that she would never be good enough to make a living off of the thing that she loved. Ignoring her parent's advice (instilled in her for as long as she can remember) she takes a different path. Majoring in English, while not her first choice, is something that Alice finds herself enjoying. It is in this class that she can share her passion for novels with others like her.

One day, she recieves an unexpected package from her parents; inside are a pair of headphones, along with a game. Confused, Alice asks around, and she soon learns that her parents sent her the MoonPhase: a pair of headphones that are used to play a popular MMORPG game. The nerdy side of Alice that had been buried for quite some time sparked to life. Doing more research on her own, she learned that the game had a "completely immersice experience". Intrigued, Alice wasted no time in setting up the game. This was a world that she could herself in, with others like her! She could meet people who loved the same things that she did, who weren't afraid to be themselves, who could be her friends...she could hardly wait to get started.

♦ P H E O U S
Name: Era
Gender: Female
Class: E
Level: 1

Weapon/Fighting Style:  Era's main method of fighting is using her tail hand. She uses this as both a defense and attack mechanism. She is able to pick up a variety of objects, such as small stones or logs, and weapons like a sword. While Era has a relatively strong offense, her defense is somewhat lacking. For this, she relies on her wings. She's relatively fast (and graceful) and able to use the sky to her advantage.

+ Loyal: No matter what they're up against, Era will stay by Alice's side. Once she gets to know some (quite well) she forms a special bond with them, and will never desert her new found friend. This doesn't happen often, but, when it does, you can count yourself as being lucky.

+ Passionate: Era is most often driven by her emotions. They are what drive her to fight as hard as she does, and she puts her whole heart into everything that she does.

- Shy: Unlike Alice, Era doesn't find it quite to easy to get along with people that she's just met. In fact, when meeting someone for the first time, she often rests on Alice's shoulder and tries to hide; she doesn't give the best first impressions.

- Envious: Although Era wouldn't admit it (if she could) she can be rather jealous when it comes to Alice. Or, rather, when she spends a lot of time with someone. She doesn't like the thought of someone taking her place in Alice's life, so she constantly tries to redirect her Player's attention to her whenever she believes that someone has talked to her for long enough.

♦ O T H E R

//hasn't met anyone

★ Alice is actually trying to teach Era how to write. He Pheous is unable to talk, so she's tryng to teach her to communicate through writing.
★ As Era increases in level, she'll be able to carry heavier objects with that tail of hers. Alice is just looking forward to the day that Era will be able to pick her up and fly around with her.
★ (It's an idea, but I'm thinking that Era will be able to swallow certain objects and be able to store them; this could contribute to the reason as to why she is unable to speak/make verbal sounds)
★ Era was inspired by a pheonix.
★ Both player and her Pheous have a soft side for music.
★ Alice is currently majoring in English with a minor in Psychology. She was allowed herself to take dance classes during her second year; one small step at a time towards her dream.
★ Because Alice is in love with Alice in Wonderland, I wanted to go in that direction for her outfit design, but I also wanted to make it a little bit different. In the end I went with a steampunk, wonderland idea (time is emphasized after all~).

Roleplay Example:
The smell of the grass, the feel of the wind through her hair, the warmth of the sun seeping in her skin...this world, this peaceful serenity away from the chaos of the waking world, has become as precious to her as any novel. It invigorates the senses, leaving Alice breathless for a few moments every time that she enters the game.
She takes in a deep breath of that cool, fresh air, unable to suppress her ever-growing smile. "Isn't this amazing, Era? Man, I'll never get used to this~" She turns towards her Pheous who is calmly perched on her shoulder, petting the bird on the head. The look on Era's face leads Alice to believe that, if her bird-like companion had been a cat, she would be purring right now.

Alice: While, that's enough dawdling for now! *With a sigh, she pushed herself off the ground, dusting herself off in case any stray pieces of grass are stuck* I wonder if we'll meet any one interesting today!
Era: *The bird seems to narrow her eyes at Alice's suggestion, clearly not interested in the prospect of socializing*
Alice: *she notices her Pheous' reluctance and lets out a groan, although a smile stays on her lips* Come on, I'm not going to rest until I find you a friend!
Era: *she regards Alice with a blank stare for a few moments before stretching her wings and slowly rising in the air. Without a moment's notice, she takes off, quickly at first, but slows down once she's far enough away so that Alice will be able to catch up. She hoped that she made her point clear: she was fine without any friends*
Alice: H-Hey, come back here! *she chases after the bird, not wanting to lost sight of her. All the while, laughter bubbles up in her throat until she is unable to contain it any longer* You are so stubborn!

Roleplay Methods:
Skype could be an option, if that's anyone's preference, although, I have to warn you, I'm rarely on. Because of this, I prefer notes or comments. I find notes easier to keep track of, but I'm fine with either, so just let me know if you're interested in rping!

Sorry I couldn't spend more time on this - I've (sadly) been swamped by school. I may rewrite a few things in the future when I have time.

Artwork, Alice (c) MelodicSoul
Lullaby--Moon (c) wakaz
Blank Template (c) wakaz
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TheLostArts Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaaaaalice~! :iconsupertighthugplz:
I loved this girl back in TEA, and I still love her now. And I swear that it has nothing to do with the fact that she could be Day and Gale's child. Nope, not at all- //PUNTED
It's really cool to see in which ways she's changed, and how she's stayed the same since you first made her. Of course her appearance is very good example of this. I am loving the "Steampunk Alice in Wonderland-inspired" look you've got going for her. Being a fan of both of those things, it's very obvious that the outfit draws me in. I really want to draw her now-
Speaking of designs....please give me a moment to stare at the precious bird that is Era. ; v ; Honestly, she's such a beautiful Pheous, and I can easily see how she was inspired by a Pheonix. I love the collar -it's such a neat idea to make her and Alice seem more "partnery" -and the idea of having a hand for a tail, although a little creepy, is very cool.

And even with the changes in her history, Alice is the same loveable girl you first introduced her as. <3 For some reason I'm in love with the thought of her being a secret gamer/nerd, although her reasons for hiding this side of her makes me really sad. ; u ; As for her decision with her's actually pretty sad how much I can relate to her- //OTL
Be yourself Alice! Make lots of new friends!! Yes, yes, Connor and Alice must meet. OAO
WingedSeal Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This OC
This description
I... whoa. Really like this gal~ The steampunk-ish clothing style, the birdy... everything~
Erdbeer-Marmelade Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh she looks so super extremely cool
and she really seems to be a great character ~
i really love her pose, she looks so full of joy C:
they are sooo super cool i wish i had them //shot
and era also looks pretty cool with that hand tail thingy
i really can't wait to see more art of both of them <3
wakaz Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
-> "You get 100 SB for entering the world for the first time. Welcome."
Welcome to the group!!
sodaichii Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist
:iconsuperw00tplz: New player yeaaahh!

I bid you welcome to our fascinating world of moon and lullabies, hope you enjoy your stay! :iconharukasmilesplz:
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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